Operation One is a Christ centered organization that engages supporters and acquires financial resources in order to provide education, training, health care and spiritual development to vulnerable children and families.

We believe that through education, each child is given a new perspective on how they see themselves and their community. Too often, these children are seen as burdens if they are orphaned, and they begin to think that their situation defines them. Through a holistic approach, Operation One seeks to turn a life of hopelessness into a life of HOPE. Operation One partners with Ugandan social workers who provide sponsored children and families with psycho-social support, empowerment training, medical support, home-visits, and career guidance.  In 2020, AOET USA became Operation One in order to expand it’s reach into greater community development. We continue to support AOET Uganda’s robust child sponsorship program.

Our Convictions

At Operation One, we take a holistic approach toward building vulnerable communities back to health in a number of areas while focusing on specific initiatives. We believe true change occurs when entire communities are supported- child, family, village. We believe in coming alongside the populations we serve- not just to help, but to empower them for sustainable change and impact.


Make your lifetime memories as part of an Operation One service team. Explore the world, make an impact. We can customize a trip for your group based on your interests and talents. Get in touch and begin planning your next adventure with Operation One.


Become a champion for a child through Operation One’s Child Sponsorship program. $40/month provides education, a hot meal, and medical care for a vulnerable child. $60/month sends a young adult to University. Learn More about how to change a life.


Operation One’s initiatives come alongside Uganda’s vulnerable to provide tools to create a lifetime of sustainable change. Donate to our medical center project or become a champion for micro enterprise . Your support can forever change a life.

Operation One

One trip. One relationship with a sponsored child. One donation to our empowerment initiatives. At Operation One, we believe in the power of one. Carrying forward the spirit of Christ, we are here to help connect you to purposeful giving.

Building African Families

A strong family is a critical building block toward community maturity and outcomes. Operation One supports foster parents and families in our unique Ugandan Children’s Village, coming alongside the whole family to impact sustainable change.


Education is the path out of poverty. Operation One’s education sponsorship programs enable students to move from a life of poverty to a life full of hope and opportunity.


We respond to the heart of Christ by serving Africa’s most vulnerable orphans, widows, and vulnerable populations.

Ugandan Run

We are partners who share the burdens and hopes of those in need, while giving them space and autonomy to make decisions within their own communities. Together, we empower communities for lasting change.

Our History

“Our family has been involved in sponsoring children with AOET in Uganda for many, many years. Our sponsored students have grown from being Pre-K students to University students. This has been incredibly rewarding. Our students would not have been able to attend even elementary school without a sponsor. And now they are studying at the university. They are the leaders of the future for Uganda. “

– Pam Purcell, Montana


Operation One’s history goes back to 1997, when a community member in Eastern Uganda founded an NGO, AOET- UGANDA in response to the AIDS epidemic that was devastating families. Orphans and widows were struggling to educate a generation of children, with over 1.5 million Ugandans becoming diagnosed with HIV, leaving 1.2 million orphans. Civil unrest, rebel militias, and kidnapping of thousands of children to join the Lord’s Resistance Army combined to add destruction to the region. In 2005, an American on a mission trip saw the need for further support and started AOET-USA to support AOET- Uganda’s mission. For 15 years, AOET-USA provided child sponsorship programs, medical aid, and capital projects support to build schools, pay for children to attend, and support entire Ugandan communities holistically to lift children and families out of poverty. In 2020, AOET-USA became Operation One. Operation One will continue to support AOET- Uganda’s programs, while expanding it’s reach into micro-enterprise and further medical support initiatives.