Ojambo Elvis is finishing his Senior 5 year of High school and has lost his sponsor.  He aspires to study engineering one day. He was born in Uganda on July 20, 2000. His family is Protestant and they stay in the village of Wanyama in Bugembe, located in the Jinja district. He is a partial orphan, having lost his father Godfrey to HIV/AIDS many years ago. His mother Kawala Sarah is still living and works as a teacher, but she doesn’t stay with them. Elvis is cared for by his grandmother, Gertrude, who is unemployed. There are 5 people sharing their home and Elvis helps out with fetching water and washing clothes.He is in the Senior 5 year this year at AOET’s Rehoboth High School. Elvis tells us that his favorite subjects are chemistry and biology. He enjoys playing soccer and volleyball, and says his family is helping him with his studies Elvis asked if you would be praying for his grandmother and other family members to live long lives, and asked for wisdom and long life for his sponsors.