Nakisige Shuube was born in Uganda on August 8, 2004. Her family is Born Again Christians and they stay in the village of Iganga located in the Jinja district. Shubbe is a partial orphan whose father passed away in an accident when she was very young. Her mother is a peasant farmer and cannot afford paying for her school fees. Shubbe Sponsorship would provide stability as she works to finish high school. There are 6 people sharing their 2 room home and Shuube helps out by doing most of the cooking for the family. She is in the Senior 5 class at Iganga Progressive Academy. Shuube tells us that her favorite subject is English and she hopes to become a doctor when she grows up. In her spare time, she enjoys dancing, netball, dodge-ball, reading and revising books. She asks for prayers for her to do well in school and have a good job.