Nabuulo Nuulu is applying to University to begin this summer and is without a sponsor! She has been in AOET’s program for years, and is hoping to be able to find suppport so she can continue her education. Nuulu¬† was born in Uganda on December 6, 1998. She is a partial orphan, having lost her father William to an unknown cause several years ago. Her mother, Irene Vera, survives as a peasant farmer but struggles to provide for her family. There are 5 people sharing their 2-room home, including 2 boys and 2 girls. Nuulu helps her momma with cooking, washing dishes, and fetching water from the borehole. She is a science loving kid whose favorite subject is Biology. In her spare time, Nuulu enjoys dancing, singing at church, and reading novels. She asked if you would be praying for her to continue doing well in school and pass all her exams.