Help Christine get to college! Laziyo Christine was born in Uganda on October 19, 1999. Her family is Christian and they stay in the village of Bugembe, located in the Jinja district. She is a total orphan, having lost both of her parents to unknown causes several years ago. Christine stays with an older woman, Jaja Kafuko Robina, who is like a grandmother to her. Robina works as a peasant farmer to provide for the children in her care. There are 6 people sharing their home, including 1 boy and 4 girls. Christine helps out at home with cooking, sweeping and cleaning. She attended AOET’s Rehaboth High School and would like to go to University!  Her favorite subjects are chemistry and English, and she aspires to become a lawyer one day. In her spare time, Christine enjoys many things like playing basketball, singing, dancing, attending church, and watching TV if she is given the chance. She asked if you would be praying for her to gain knowledge!