Angom Silveria  was born on September 1, 2003.  Her family is Catholic and they live in the town of Lira, located in the Lira district of rural northern Uganda.  She is a partial orphan, having lost her father in an accident back in 2004.  Her mother is still living, but Silveria is cared for by her grandma Mary, who is just a peasant farmer. There are 13 people sharing their 3-room home, and Silveria helps out with mopping, washing dishes and fetching water from the well.  She is in the Primary Senior 2 Class Her favorite subjects are math & English, and she aspires to become an accountant one day.  In her spare time, Silveria enjoys reading storybooks with friends, doing traditional dancing, playing football (soccer), singing and drumming.  She asked if you would be praying for God to provide for other kids who need sponsors.